Landa Entrepreneurship :Opportunity to Generate New Ideas

Landa's Entrepreneurship division, dedicated to nurturing businesses on a global scale, has established an acceleration department aimed at guiding individuals with innovative ideas from inception to triumph. This part of Landa Entrepreneurship endeavors to foster exceptional entrepreneurs and expedite the rapid growth and expansion of businesses. We are seeking individuals and teams with the necessary skills and creativity to overcome challenges along this journey.

Forough Consulting and Entrepreneurship Center :
Igniting Ideas and Startups

Forough Roshan Pasargad Company is an Iran-based consultancy and entrepreneurship center specializing in meticulously evaluating business concepts. Forough's mission is to support emerging businesses in their development and help them gain recognition on the global stage.

Startups collaborating with us receive support from their early stages to their transformation into large companies. We provide you with opportunities to grow, achieve remarkable accomplishments, and enter global markets.

Accelerator Process :
1. Discover the appropriate opportunity2. Ideation3. Implementing the idea4. Developing ideas
Characteristics of Entrepreneurship:
  • Entrepreneurship is a vibrant and economically impactful endeavor
  • Entrepreneurship is intimately tied to innovation
  • Entrepreneurship involves embracing risk
Supporting the Youth

As part of the higher education community, we, under the name of Farazman, are committed to supporting and nurturing students and youth in university-affiliated incubators and accelerators. We believe that the future of careers lies in the hands of young individuals, and we enable them to benefit from our resources and experiences. By offering financial resources, technical infrastructure, and access to global networks, we help students and youth turn their ideas into reality and acquire the skills needed for today's business world. Additionally, we emphasize the importance of effective networking and skill enhancement for students and startups through education and mentorship. Our team consists of experienced mentors, both domestic and international, to provide necessary guidance and support to help you achieve the best results.

Landa Entrepreneurship Services
Pitch deck preparationforough
Networking with suitable individualsforough
Initial financingforough
MVP developmentforough
Research and developmentforough
Website designforough
Business plan creationforough
Idea brainstorming and developmentforough
Cooperative workspaceforough
Patent registrationforough
Organizing startup presentation eventsforough
If you have an innovative idea or are exploring entrepreneurial opportunities, please reach out to us.
About Landa
Landa International Holding is composed of ten Iranian and Canadian subsidiary corporations, each of which maintains an operational office in Tehran, Isfahan, Toronto, and Vancouver. Our objective is to provide financial backing to innovative entrepreneurs and assist them throughout the entire process of conceiving and establishing a global venture. Landa is distinguished by its cross-border perspective, which affords your company the chance to attract capital from international investors.
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