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At Landa Holding Investment Center, we typically focus on investing in innovative, scalable startups with international market potential and the valuation of $5 million or less. We are a group of angel investors who can help you build your team, define your business model, and increase the value of your startup in global markets. With initial investment, capital raising, and access to a network of global investors, we will assist you in achieving success and increasing your business development.

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At Landa Holding Acceleration Center, entrepreneurs are provided with a dynamic and nurturing environment designed to foster creativity and collaboration. The acceleration center boasts useful facilities, cutting-edge resources, experienced mentors, and professional experts which helps individuals to accelerate their own business and expand their new creative startups. Landa Holding understands the challenges startups face. So, it offers comprehensive programs that address business development, and market expansion.

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At Landa Holding Academy, we provide a nurturing place for individuals to discover and grow their interests and skills efficiently. Our academy operates as a dynamic place that identifies and evaluates the potential of talented individuals, particularly youth, and invests in their development and creative ideas. By providing comprehensive programs and resources and through a combination of mentoring, skill-building workshops, and exposure to various opportunities, Landa Academy equips participants with the tools and knowledge necessary to thrive and succeed in their chosen fields.

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Investment Center
  • Global Investment Opportunities within Your Reach.
  • Access to a Network of Successful Entrepreneurs and Investors.
  • Exclusive Insights and Expert Analysis for Informed Decisions.
  • Collaborative Environment for Joint Ventures and Partnerships.
  • Accelerated Growth Potential through Diversified Investments.
Entrepreneur Center
  • Global Networking Opportunities for Collaboration and Partnerships
  • Access to all videos of pitches, industry trend presentations and panel discussions
  • Attending events of the Entrepreneurs Center
  • Meetings with top business leaders and entrepreneurs
  • Participation in seasonal meetings with other international entrepreneurs
  • Online platform for connecting with other entrepreneurs
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Services for Teenagers
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What Our Cooperation Members Say?
Morteza Jafari
Founder of IRimmigration
It amazes me that Landa Holding offers a specialized environment for teenagers to enhance their knowledge and refine their unique skills. I have rarely seen another company with this feature. So I appreciate their valuable initiative for trying to build a brighter future.

Join To Our Business Partners

At Landa Holding, we welcome strategic affiliations with international firms and qualified influencers alike. As an approved affiliate, you will receive co-branded support and future representations that wield substantial influence within the business landscape. To become an affiliate, please complete our free questionnaire for our confidential review.

About Landa
In Landa Academy, individuals will be trained based on their interests and capabilities. Necessary actions are taken at the Landa Acceleration Center to accelerate their unique abilities. Then, investment is made based on the investment priorities of developing the nurtured capabilities of individuals.
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