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About Landa Holding

We are a team of Angel Investors who help you make your own team, define your business model, and increase the value of your startup in international markets. What distinguishes us and makes us unique is our assistance in attracting resources and investment, inviting international investors and business associates, in addition to our entrepreneurs, that will all lead to success. Landa Holding aims to gather all resources from all over the world and introduce the best investment opportunities for start-up businesses.

Landa Team
Subsidiary companies of Landa Holding

Landa International Holding consists of 10 active companies operating in Canada and Iran, with offices in the cities of Toronto, Vancouver, Tehran, and Isfahan. Our mission is to invest in creative entrepreneurs, supporting them from the very beginning, starting with ideation, all the way to launching an international startup.

story of landa
The story of Landa

Landa International Holding started its activity in 2017 in Canada as a certified and verified company in the field of investment, resource collection, business development, and startup planning. In 2021, after years of glorious and successful performance, Landa Holding became a federal company known in Canada and Iran.

LANDA Startups
  • StartupAcademy:Startup Academy, a startup with the aim of fostering and accelerating the growth of teenagers, has been operating since 2017 under the supervision of the FarshTech company.
  • LandaTrip:Landa Trip, a startup in the field of tourism and education with an international platform and professional artificial intelligence, began its activities in Iran in 2022.
  • Diaco:Diaco, a startup in the field of industry and automation, operates with CNC Wire Cut machines in Canada and markets in the United States and Europe.
  • VisionRaft:Vision Raft, a startup in the virtual world, children's education sector, expanded its operations in 2022 with the support of MTA Accelerator in Canada.
  • LandaHandicraft:Landa Handicraft, a startup in the handicraft industry, an online store, and a reference point for handicrafts, attracted the necessary capital for platform development for the international market in 2023.
  • SteadySkull:Steady Skull, a startup in the medical field, developed a product to facilitate brain surgery procedures, starting its activities in 2019 with a specialized team.

Landa offers a diverse range of services, including support for entrepreneurs and innovative startups, as well as investments in scalable startups in global markets. The members of the Landa Investors Association consist of successful senior executives, business leaders, and serial entrepreneurs who come together to capitalize on the best investment opportunities in emerging companies from around the world.

Key Differentiating Factors:

First and foremost, it's essential to understand that the most critical aspect is the mental model and perspective behind these key differentiating factors. The way we perceive and approach a business can create various points of distinction.

What sets us apart:
  • Specialized Screening and Analysis of Startups: We specialize in screening and analyzing startups, creating opportunities for members to learn from each other.
  • Members Invest Directly: Members invest directly in startups of their choice, creating an environment where no member feels pressured to invest, and no member misses out on potential investment opportunities.
  • Focus on Building Investor Connections: Our primary approach is to foster connections among members, involving not only charitable activities but also numerous entertaining activities and social events.
  • Value Supporters'Financial Contributions: We highly value the financial contributions of our supporters. Their opinions and guidance contribute to all aspects of the holding's operations.
  • Inclusive Structure: Our structure provides an opportunity for entrepreneurs to engage with reputable investors who have the capacity to invest at the startup level.
  • Collaboration with Other Investment Centers: We welcome collaboration with other investment centers and investment communities. Entrepreneurs seeking capital from multiple investor groups benefit from this collaboration.


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Landa Directors
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Landa Directors
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Landa Directors
Hadi Hasanpour
About Landa
Landa Holding distinguishes itself through extensive charity work and world-class transaction capabilities that enable private business growth. The company connects reliable global investors to top startup opportunities by linking idea holders with relevant service providers.
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