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Landa International Holding is comprised of ten subsidiaries spread across Canada and Iran, with offices strategically located in Toronto, Vancouver, Tehran, and Isfahan. The primary aim of Landa is to invest in and support innovative entrepreneurs throughout their entire thrive, from the initial idea phase to launching their businesses on a global scale. What sets Landa apart from its competitors is its broad international perspective, empowering entrepreneurs to access resources from investors worldwide to stimulate the expansion of their businesses.As per the conjectures stated, in 2024 businesses focusing on areas such as the education of children and adolescents, artificial intelligence, tourism, environmental sustainability, online commerce, and educational platforms are expected to attract significant attention.Landa Holding maintains strong partnerships and actively collaborates with financial institutions, academic entities, and investment firms. For us at Landa, having access to the right networks, funding, technology, and resources has significantly enhanced our investment endeavors. Additionally, Landa facilitates connections for business owners with potential investors, clients, board members, advisors, and other experts through various meetings and interactions.

Landa Team
story of landa
The story of Landa

Landa International Holding started its activity in 2017 in Canada as a certified and verified company in the field of investment, resource collection, business development, and startup planning. In 2021, after years of glorious and successful performance, Landa Holding became a federal company known in Canada and Iran.

LANDA Startups
  • Landa Trip:Landa Trip is an innovative company providing a platform for individuals to engage in diverse training courses worldwide, leveraging a skilled team and artificial intelligence. This intelligent platform serves as the ultimate choice for travel enthusiasts to connect and share their memorable experiences and courses with others, acting as a social network tailored to their interests.
  • Diaco Center:The Diaco Center startup is an AI-driven platform serving as a bridge between technology seekers and providers. It aims to address industry and technological needs by utilizing an intelligent recommendation system, facilitating solutions to various challenges and requirements.
  • Vision Raft:With the rising growth and spread of technology in everyday life, it is time to teach children in new and innovative ways that will replace old approaches. The startup Vision Raft began working with the specific goal of integrating augmented reality with education to spark a revolution in this field.
  • Landa Craft:The proliferation of counterfeit handicrafts has become a significant concern for those involved in the industry. Landa Craft, a venture, has addressed this issue by creating a secure marketplace for handicraft enthusiasts. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and NFT technologies, along with the expertise of renowned specialists, Landa Craft ensures authenticity and quality in the handicraft market.
  • Landa Gene:Landa Gene collaborates with leading experts in genetics, augmented by artificial intelligence, to conduct thorough genetic testing. This enables a detailed assessment of gene behavior and the development of personalized health programs. The primary objective of Landa Gene is to prevent illnesses like cancer among members of society.

Landa offers a diverse range of services, including support for entrepreneurs and innovative startups, as well as investments in scalable startups in global markets. The members of the Landa Investors Association consist of successful senior executives, business leaders, and serial entrepreneurs who come together to capitalize on the best investment opportunities in emerging companies from around the world.

The Mission of Landa Holding

Our goal is to strengthen the confidence of the investors who have trusted us by carefully evaluating and selecting the most innovative startup proposals. At Landa International Holding, we are committed to providing our clients with comprehensive resources and expertise to ensure all parties' success.

The Distinctive Features of Landa Holding :

Every business requires a range of services to start up and grow to its desired scale before going global. We're delighted to announce that, as a pioneering organization, Landa International Holding offers a platform where individuals can access all essential services in a secure and professional environment.An innovative and profitable concept is often the initial and arguably most pivotal step in starting a business. Your journey as an entrepreneur can greatly benefit from being immersed in a professional environment that exposes you to diverse companies and nurtures your ideas. In response to this need, we have created the Landa Business Academy, providing access to knowledgeable and experienced mentors across various disciplines.Now, it's time for the next phase: putting your viable concept and plan into action at the Landa Academy Center. You've already brought it to a stage of development and maturity. Leveraging regional and global expert mentors, networking opportunities, and initial funding are deemed crucial elements that can accelerate achieving this objective and facilitate the rapid growth of a company. By tapping into all the resources and opportunities provided by the Landa Entrepreneurship Center, you can swiftly expand your new venture and explore international markets.As your concept matures and evolves with the backing of the Landa Academy and Entrepreneurship Center, the issue of funding naturally arises as you prepare to take it public and enter foreign markets. Capital becomes essential to compete at this level. At Landa International Holding, our third form of assistance kicks in once we've established sufficient stability. The Landa Investment Center will stand alongside you, providing funding to support your international expansion efforts.In addition to providing all the services encompassed within the Landa Holding framework, another aspect that distinguishes us is our commitment to expanding businesses beyond the local market. We have consistently focused on fostering growth in the global and international arena.


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Landa Directors
Morteza Jafari
Director Of Public Relations
Landa Directors
Rasoul Moradimehr
Co Founder & CEO
Landa Directors
Hadi Hasanpour
Co Founder & COB
Certificate of Incorporation

Landa holding companies are primarily focused on ownership control and do not engage in manufacturing, sales of products or services, or any other operational activities. Their main purpose is to possess majority stock or membership interests in other companies, giving rise to the term 'pure holding company.' In contrast, some holding companies not only hold ownership stakes in subsidiaries but also conduct their own business operations. These are known as 'mixed holding companies. Additionally, there are other categories of holding companies, such as immediate and intermediate holding companies. These types of holding companies are themselves owned by other holding companies or larger businesses.

About Landa
Landa International Holding is composed of ten Iranian and Canadian subsidiary corporations, each of which maintains an operational office in Tehran, Isfahan, Toronto, and Vancouver. Our objective is to provide financial backing to innovative entrepreneurs and assist them throughout the entire process of conceiving and establishing a global venture. Landa is distinguished by its cross-border perspective, which affords your company the chance to attract capital from international investors.
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