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Landa Gene is an innovative and forward-thinking genetics start-up with the potential to transform the healthcare industry. Landa Gene was founded by Landa International Holding Company as a subsidiary dedicated to identifying and preventing disease through genetic testing. We have helped individuals concerned about their health and the health of their loved ones build an effective communication bridge between themselves and medical specialists via the use of technology and AI.


The medical treatment you or your family members receive may be altered based on the results of genetic testing, which searches for alterations in your DNA known as mutations or variations. A genetic issue that increases your risk of cancer, for instance, can be diagnosed with this method. Results from genetic testing that need only a blood or spit sample are often available within a few weeks. Due to the fact that you share DNA with your relatives, it is possible that they, too, have the same genetic alteration that you have been diagnosed with. To ensure that the correct individual in your family is tested, that the proper test is ordered, that you receive your findings, and that you are linked with the relevant physicians or specialists, we provide genetic counselling both before and after genetic testing.


The monitoring of DNA mutations and alterations through genetic testing has several beneficial consequences for public health and disease prevention. Cancer risk due to inherited mutations can be identified, for instance, by means of genetic testing. Various samples of blood and saliva will be collected for this test. Because of the high degree of genetic similarity between members of the same family, genetic testing has the potential benefit of revealing the existence of a problem in different members of the same family.

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